Canine Safe Harbor

Kalamazoo, MI

Where dogs get a chance for a better life

About Us

Canine Safe Harbor was established in 2006 to give dogs who have lost their families a chance at a better life. Our dogs get comfortable, spacious living quarters, outside exercise areas and loving volunteers to help with their rehabilitation while they wait for their forever homes.

We typically accept owner surrendered animals. Since we do not have the income to provide extensive health care, we ask owners to have their dogs spayed or neutered and up to date on all medicines including the veterinarian paperwork to prove it before we take their dogs. However, all animals we rescue do not meet those requirements.

While with us, the animals enjoy walks on wooded trails, grooming, play times out of doors and lots of love and treats. They are fed twice a day and when volunteers are here, are walked twice a day. We do our best to give them a good time while waiting for their new home.

My husband and I fund the kennels expenses. The business, KL Kennels, LLC, dba Canine SAFE HARBOR, is not a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation. We gladly accept donations of food, treats, bedding, toys and, of course, the time graciously given the dogs by our wonderful team of volunteers. The fees we charge barely cover the medical costs and food incurred while housing and rehabilitating the animals.

-- Willie Wicks