Canine Safe Harbor

Kalamazoo, MI

Where dogs get a chance for a better life


Canine Safe Harbor is seeking people to provide foster homes for our dogs while they wait for their forever homes. While we do our best to provide a positive environment for dogs who are staying with us, we cannot provide the same experience as living in a home.

Fostering provides dogs who have never had a loving home with the opportunity to learn that a house can be a safe environment without fear or pain.

For dogs who are lacking in house experience, it gives them the chance to learn skills that will help them find an adoptive family, such as potty training and staying off counters. Dogs without these skills are often harder to place than dogs who already have good house manners.

Even dogs who already have impeccable houses skills and wonderful personalities sometimes have a hard time finding a new home because of their size, age, or breed. Fostering can keep these dogs from remaning for extended periods in our shelter.