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I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that Violet is doing great! She has settled right in to the pack and is still as sweet as can be. She has obviously had some training, she is completely housebroken and knows several commands. She's till a cuddle bug, but also enjoys boisterous play with her sister. She also has a new best friend in our grandson! I've attached a picture of them below (he's brushing her). Thank you for all you do for our four legged friends.

Rocky a.k.a Pepe
I'm bursting with joy!! Our new 3 yr old Pomeranian is an absolute SWEETHEART!! Thank you so very much to Willie and the volunteers at Canine Safe Harbor for taking such good care of Pepe!

Hasn't been much more than a week and Talia (aka Petunia) has her new family wrapped around her Paw! All have settled in nicely and are so in love!

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is doing great and even Dingo has grown to love him!

Abby a.k.a Savannah
This is a selfie of Abby and I. She is a great dog and we have a wonderful time together. I can't believe it has been almost 9 months since I adopted her from you. Know that she is happy, healthy and a little bit spoiled, but that's okay. Hope all your dogs get great homes!

Bella a.k.a Snowflake
I just had to send you a little update on Snowflake (Bella). She is so enjoyable, fun, and snuggly. She especially loves taking rides in the car to pick up kids from school! She has gone to 3 show and tells and let's everyone pet and hold her. Such an angel....but so glad there are 6 of us and an older dog to keep her busy. Ha! Scotch and her have settled into a nice routine together. The funniest part of our day is when we feed both dogs (different rooms) and Snowflake gobbles her food up and dashes into the other room for any bits Scotch will let her have. She loves her food:) Thanks again for making everything work for Christmas, I know that was no easy task. At the dinner table last night my kids were talking about how they cannot remember life before snowflake. She is truly a joy for my family.

Here's Gretel's first Christmas - 1st with my son showing her what's in her stocking, and then her still checking it out. She was pooped out by the end of the evening (we celebrate Christmas eve). We just love her so much - she's a perfect fit. She and Oliver (our sheltie) are best friends.

Merry Christmas! Love, Penny!

La Petite
I want to let you know how much I like my new home. I have my own yard, a new brother, Rex, who looks just like me, and a family who loves me. Thanks for letting me come here. I will love these people forever .

Horatio aka Brillo
Brillo, who now goes by Horatio, is adorable. He gets along very well with his feline brother, Hamlet, who, as you can see, deigns to show his face to the camera. Horatio loves to play in his backyard and is learning to not dig under the fence to go down the street to see his canine pals, Minnie and Joe.Horatio recently spent a week at Critter Camp in Grand Junction while I was on Mackinac Island. I don't know who had more fun! He's not crazy about snow so it could be a rough winter for him. Wishing you and all the crew joyous holidays, a peaceful new year and safe, happy homes for all the dogs.