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This is Abby with one of her boys (she has 4 all together)! Willie and the staff at Canine Safe Harbor are amazing. We originally adopted a sweet pup who ended up not doing well with our little kids. Willie was so kind when we had to return him and had another pup waiting for us to meet. Abby has fit seamlessly into our lives. She is sweet and gentle and just all around a great girl. I highly recommend using this shelter if you are looking to adopt a pet.

Abby a.k.a Savannah
This is a selfie of Abby and I. She is a great dog and we have a wonderful time together. I can't believe it has been almost 9 months since I adopted her from you. Know that she is happy, healthy and a little bit spoiled, but that's okay. Hope all your dogs get great homes!

Ajax aka Prancer
Things have been going GREAT though his new name is now Ajax and he said seems to fit right in here, even thinks he's just one of the guys around my friends. He has definitely been the talk of the block, everyone seems to be commenting to me on how beautiful of a dog he is, and so well behaved! Looking forward to this summer immensely and can't wait to take him out on the lake and up north, he is going to have a very busy and fun summer that's for sure.


Hello WIllie and Staff, At the end of this month it will be a YEAR since I was LUCKY ENOUGH to welcome Barry into his forever home, and my heart. In Barry's short 5 years he was dumped, abandoned, given up and given up on. I still cannot figure that out? But again lucky for me, because he was exactly what I was looking for in a companion. He is the light of my life (when he's awake) and my constant travel companion. Besides sleeping, I think his favorite thing in the world is car rides with Mom. Thank you Willie for saving Barry. For ME.

Bear is absolutely the best dog ever! My girls love him and lay all over him and he is such a baby, as seen in the pic! He is so much fun for the kids, thank you!

Bella a.k.a Snowflake
I just had to send you a little update on Snowflake (Bella). She is so enjoyable, fun, and snuggly. She especially loves taking rides in the car to pick up kids from school! She has gone to 3 show and tells and let's everyone pet and hold her. Such an angel....but so glad there are 6 of us and an older dog to keep her busy. Ha! Scotch and her have settled into a nice routine together. The funniest part of our day is when we feed both dogs (different rooms) and Snowflake gobbles her food up and dashes into the other room for any bits Scotch will let her have. She loves her food:) Thanks again for making everything work for Christmas, I know that was no easy task. At the dinner table last night my kids were talking about how they cannot remember life before snowflake. She is truly a joy for my family.

Bill aka Micah
Our loving Bill with Caroline and laying around after a walk!

Bojangles aka Buddy
Bo is doing great. He gets along with everyone including the cats. Oh he may chase one or two every now and then, but it is not something constant. He does like walking out to the barn with Marge and Jesse and Charlie. We are all one big happy family. Willie thank you once again for letting us add another addition to our family. Enclosed is a picture of Bojangles and Dallas.

Brick aka Brichette
Brick (Britchette) seems to really like country living. He is going to the lake sometime this week to see if he likes to swim.

Buddy Dog turned 5 today...we rescued him 4 years ago from CSH:)

Calli aka Kiwi
I just wanted to send you an email giving you an update on Kiwi who I adopted back in February, who now goes by Calli. She is doing great and my whole family loves her and I truly couldn’t imagine life without her now. She is best friends with both my parents dog and a puppy that my sister adopted. I just want to thank you for what you do for dogs and to thank you for allowing people the chance to find the wonderful dogs you save.

Callie loves to look out our front window and she is liking playing in the snow.

Calvin aka Yuma
I adopted Calvin (Yuma) from you about three months ago. He's doing so well and we love him so much! I thought I'd send you a picture of him since he's 6 months today! Not as big as we thought he would get, we think they must be part beagle or basset hound or daschund or something! He is still adorable though! :)

Everyone knows Lynne has a new dog! So we have had visitors from the Pizza Delivery man to the Computer man! Charity gets along with everyone! Watched the parade yesterday from our front porch. She greeted all the tourist and wasn’t afraid of all the sirens! Charity is awesome. She loves to be tied up on porch and have the freedom to go down the stairs and lay in the grass or pee or just say hello to everyone. She is a great porch sitter like me. Just fun to watch everyone. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Charity.

Charlie aka Spanky
We wanted to give you an update on the little rascal pup, Spanky. We have renamed him Charlie, and we are in LOVE! He is the sweetest and smartest dog and he is growing like crazy! Charlie is the new mascot at the summer camp that I work at and the campers LOVE him! He is doing really well interacting with them. He has been a big comfort to kids that are homesick and missing their dogs from home. Thanks for everything that you did for Charlie, we are so thankful for him!

Chino & Mocha aka Fonzie & Rosa
They are both doing wonderful, they have finally become comfortable in the house. At first Fonzie now known as "Chino" wasn't to sure of the surroundings took him only a week or so, to realize this is his home. Rosa now known as 'Mocha" on the other hand within in a day or two was comfortable here, she was running around playing... My whole family has become so attached to them as well. when my nieces come over Mocha will chase them around the house and play with them, while Chino just kind of watch's and jumps in every once in a while..

Chiquita and Brewster
Here is a picture of Brewster who we adopted in 2010 and Chiquita we adopted her early 2012....two peas in a pod they love each other!!!

Chocolata is getting so big! She has completed puppy 2 training classes at Petco and is great at sit, stay, lay down, high five, and leaving objects when we say "leave it". Chocolata's favorite things to do are to go to puppy play school on Saturday's, go on walks, play in the park and whimper at the kitties ;)

Here is a pic of Cubby which happens to Bears baby bro (Hooch)he is doing great. He loves going on walk with me and and his brother Carmelo who guides him along as they walk side by side on there leashes. The kids and I love him so. He is such a beautiful addition to our familia! Mucho Gracias to Willie

Douglas aka Augustus
Augustus—now Douglas—is doing great! What a smart dog! He loves his walks, loves his Kong & no problem house-training, is polite and friendly with the cats, has met the neighbor's 12-year old black lab and that went great, and slept wonderfully last night in our bedroom. He's so loving and has bonded with everyone, loves knowing what we all are doing and being close by. He already enjoys just hanging-out by me while I'm working at the computer. We're so glad we found him.

It has been a wonderful summer for both of us, and I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to adopt Duke. We are a match made in heaven.

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Eboni. Here she is last night, napping on my hubby's lap. Thank you,... She's precious!

She is perfectly at home! Thank you so much!!! Here is our sweet girl, Elsa, who blessed our home on December 18th. She is great with all the grandkids and a perfect fit for our family.

Frankie is doing great!!! He is warming up to the boys more and more each day. I have them in charge of feeding him, walking him and giving him treats :) He follows me around to each of the boys rooms in the morning and helps me wake them up with his little doggie kisses. It's adorable! We are all in love with him!!! Thank you for allowing us to adopt him! We feel like we won the dog lottery with Frankie!

Nap time after a morning of playing.... He is doing well.

Here's Gretel's first Christmas - 1st with my son showing her what's in her stocking, and then her still checking it out. She was pooped out by the end of the evening (we celebrate Christmas eve). We just love her so much - she's a perfect fit. She and Oliver (our sheltie) are best friends.

Griffin aka Caiison
I got my best buddy from Canine Safe Harbor about 6 weeks ago. Caaison, now Griffin is my best buddy. Thanks Willie

Happy aka Maddie
Just thought you might like to see Maddie "Happy". She is doing great! Very spoiled.

Harley is great and we can't imagine our life without her. We love her! Thanks.

Harley aka Cocoa
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Harley (previously known as Cocoa). He is doing very well! He has a very sweet disposition and gets along wonderfully with our older dog, Luna. He is growing nicely - right around 50 pounds at this point. I have attached a photo that was taken at the beginning of August (he would have been about 6 months at the time). We are all happy that he has joined our family!

I am hoping you remember “Harry”. He is the black lab mix that you found and nursed back to health after the vet wanted to put him down about 4 years ago. He was returned a few times after being adopted and fortunately for us, he was available. Harry is the best dog ever. He is such a lover and a “hugger”. People laugh when I tell them, “he is the love of my life”. He has been an absolute joy.

Horatio aka Brillo
Brillo, who now goes by Horatio, is adorable. He gets along very well with his feline brother, Hamlet, who, as you can see, deigns to show his face to the camera. Horatio loves to play in his backyard and is learning to not dig under the fence to go down the street to see his canine pals, Minnie and Joe.Horatio recently spent a week at Critter Camp in Grand Junction while I was on Mackinac Island. I don't know who had more fun! He's not crazy about snow so it could be a rough winter for him. Wishing you and all the crew joyous holidays, a peaceful new year and safe, happy homes for all the dogs.

Howie and Lil Wayne

Howie Christmas
He is such a poser.

Hugo aka Mikey with his new friend Tango

Jesse aka Butch
I took this the other day after Jesse and Charlie had spent the afternoon at the spa. This is Jesse with our new little friend, Smokey. Smokey was found in my egress window on the 4th of July weekend.

We just had our first baby in September and he has been so great and gentle with her. He just wants to lick her, guard her and be with her wherever she goes in the house. I look forward to our daughter growing up with such a wonderful dog. Thank you for all you do to find these dogs forever homes :)

We adopted JJ from Canine Safe Harbor almost 3 years ago and I can't even begin to tell you the joy that he has brought our family! He is still a jumper and has been great with our baby as we have started a family! Thank you so much for rescuing these wonderful dogs and giving them a chance!

Kali seems to be fitting right in :) Thanks again

La Petite
I want to let you know how much I like my new home. I have my own yard, a new brother, Rex, who looks just like me, and a family who loves me. Thanks for letting me come here. I will love these people forever .

Leo is doing absolutely fantastic! We love him sooooo much. Our Belle is on the right and Leo is on the left. This pic was taken shortly after we got him about a year ago. They hadn't been to the groomer yet so they look a little fluffy !!! They love each other so much. Belle has seizures and Leo will start barking like crazy if she has one and we are not aware, then he snuggles up close to her as we hold her thru it. Leo has lost 10 pounds and can now bound up and down stairs and even run to keep up with Belle. He is pure joy !!!!! Thank you for asking !

Lily aka Dallie
Here is an update on Lily, aka Dallie, since I adopted her in Nov. 2013. Lily is the sweetest cuddle bug ever and is very gentle when meeting smaller dogs and children, but she can hold her own around larger dogs too. She is not a big fan of this cold weather, but will go out and wrestle if she has a play buddy. She is healthy and growing so fast, 53 pounds already! We are both looking forward to the warmer weather. Lily is truly such a blessing. Thank you, Willie, for all that you do for animals and families in our community!

I wish to thank you for the wonderful companion with whom you have provided us. Thank you for the deep care you give your animals, the questioning and the scrutiny that goes into each application. The process may be tedious but it's worth it in the end. Only a body like Loki's could house such a heart.

Lola aka Sugar
I just wanted to send a picture of Lola (yes, we changed her name, it’s kind of a pun because she sits so low to the ground). She’s gotten so big but is still adorable. She certainly is a stinker but fits into the family better that way. Thanks again for the addition to our family.

Lucy aka Mitzie
It's like she's always been a part of the family. Tom even said to her this morning, "How is it we've had you such a short time and we're already so attached to you?" The girls of course love her and are doing great with her. Lucy and the cats are getting along great. I also took her out with me for a short run this morning to test her with running with me and she loved it. Thank you so much for rescuing her to begin with and taking care of her until she found her home. She's a part of the family now. Thanks again.

Hi everyone - I miss all my friends at Canine Safe Harbor! I wanted to let you know they tell me I am a very good boy at my new home. I love everyone and give them kisses - even my vet! Thank you for taking such good care of me while I was with you. Love and kisses, Luigi

Manfred aka Mr. Waddles
Husband is working at home today. Manfred apparently enjoys the company.

Marco aka Dash
Our first night with Dash was nothing short of amazing. He is already an adored and established member of our family! The kids have renamed him Marco - he is so smart, so sweet, and so good! He rides in the car beautifully. He is GREAT with the kids. Right now they are sleeping and Dash/Marco keeps wandering into their rooms, checking on them, waiting for them to get up. Thank you so very much for saving this perfect little guy and thank you for helping us choose!

Just wanted to let you know that Max is doing wonderfully well. He just loves kids. I'm enclosing three photos: one with Max riding between us on the console of the car (he is a great traveller), one with our 2 year old grand-daughter on the beach and one with him waking up our 21 year old grand-daughter. We are so thankful to have him in our life. Thank you for the rescue work that you do.

Meisha a.k.a Meeka
Just a quick note to give you all an update on Meka otherwise known as Miesha. So far so good,she has adapted to her new surroundings without an hitch. The older pit I own(the rednose i brought w/me) has turned into an old mother hen with the pup. They play for hours upon hours, the older pit Tesa, could hardly run from all the added playtime. The Bulldogge was not to thrilled at first to no longer being the baby, but adapted as well. She has only had a few accidents inside, which is a bonus. She is probably the most loving puppy i have ever owned. Plays alot and sleeps even more. It has been good move for many reasons but the extent the two girls get along is priceless. Have had a few opportunities to take to friends house with children and she does great with them as well. Cant ask for much more than that. Thanks for keeping the newest member of our clan, Safe from the clinches of.....well. Thank you as well for allowing me the opportunity to adopt, as well. Feel free to email anytime to check up or if you would like some updated photos.

I honestly could not ask for a better dog for being considered a “shelter dog.” Mickey has become my big baby and loves to cuddle and watch sports and movies with me. Mickey is my shadow, wherever I may go Mickey follows. He is very affectionate, loving, caring and a responsive dog. Mickey loves to spend his days with me out on the hiking trails, where sometimes we put in over 8.5 miles. Mickey loves going boating, swimming, camping, hiking, for long walks, going bye bye in the truck, and LOVES to play fetch. After having Mickey for about 3 months, I gave him the ultimate test by teaching him 5 new commands, within just a few days Mickey responded and continues to respond to all 5 commands. My hopes for him to become a therapy dog by next summer are definitely within sights! I absolutely love Mickey, and even get into trouble with my girlfriend for spending more time with Mickey than her, but for how cute he is who could blame me! I hope you, your team, and your dogs have a very Merry Christmas.

I just wanted to get you an update on Milly. She has taken right to us. She has calmed down significantly. I think it is because she is getting the love and attention she has always needed. She loves to go for walks. She usually gets to go on three a day and a total of 7 miles. She loves riding in the car either sleeps in the back or on my wife's lap. This past weekend she got to visit my family and friends and their dogs. She enjoyed playing with them. She loves getting her daily grooming and usually falls asleep while being brushed. We have been working on obedience training and it has been going well.

In the past week, his personality has blossomed quite a bit. He's a little less clingy and more inclined to wander and play by himself with his toys. He's also been hanging out at my girlfriend's house in the yard with her dog. We think they're best of friends. He's also met a couple of other dogs that we're familiar with too. Best wishes from me and Milo.

Milo's a bundle of energy. I don't know if it's the food or if he just needed some time to get out of his shell but at some point during his second month here, he became a super playful, energetic, and easily excited pup. Surprisingly, even after the 12hr car ride to CT, he loves going for car rides. I think he just likes going on adventure and sticking his head out of the window. He also loves the dog park and recently I found out he loves digging through piles of autumn leaves if you hid his toys in there.

My husband and I adopted Mitzie in October and we and the grandchildren have found her to be charming, smart, delightful and a precious, loved addition to our family. We all are truly blessed!

she's not allowed in the kitchen while Mommy is cooking..... :-) So she sits with her butt in the dining room and just her front feet in the kitchen. What a clown! Willie, we SO love Molly.....she's an ongoing joy. Thank you and your associates for adding so much to all our lives. And special thanks to her anonymous guardian angel

Mugsy aka Oliver
Happy New Year from Mugsy! (Aka: Oliver) He is the best most cuddly dog ever. We just love him! He tolerates two kids and two cats very well! Ok maybe not the cats yet but there is progress!

They LOVE him at the vet's office! One gal exclaimed... "Murphy! THE cutest dog EVER!" ... imagine my smile to hear that! :) They said I got a really nice dog! (Thank you again and again, CSH!) Rest assured, he is in good hands and LOVED every minute!

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Newton! I have decided to keep his name since I believe it was meant to be. He had so many visitors last night and gave lots of cuddles and hugs, until he fell asleep standing up! Here he is pictured with my daughter Hannah and her boyfriend Luke, who tried to walk out with him :) He gave a "teeny tiny" bark when he met the dog next door, but has been pretty quiet. All good things come with time. Again a great big THANK YOU, and a God Bless for all that you do for these animals. We will keep in touch, and continue to support your cause!

Peanut Butter
3 years ago today, we adopted our beloved Peanut Butter from Canine Safe Harbor. We are so thankful everyday that Willie saved this little angel from the pound ! He is so loved now ! We can't imagine life without him ! : ) Thanks for everything you do, Willie !

We love, love, love her. She is such a good girl and loves everyone. Thank you again for making our year wonderful with the addition of little Pearl.

Merry Christmas! Love, Penny!

I was writing to give you an update on pepper the weimaraner mix pup we adopted from you about a year ago. we absolutely love him and he has changed our life in more ways then I could ever imagine. he loves to play and play some more :) this is his first time with snow and he can;t get enough of it! My husband and I just wanted to thank you for help bringing him into our life we don't know what we would do without him :) we hope you have a merry christmas and happy new year!

Hasn't been much more than a week and Talia (aka Petunia) has her new family wrapped around her Paw! All have settled in nicely and are so in love!

Peyton aka Caidon

Ranger aka Jaime
Just thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of Ranger. He greats my customers at work and has become a regular social butterfly.He gets lots of love and attention at home and at work. After a couple days with us, he found his barker. He's not the quiet little guy you remember anymore. He's a great watchdog! He loves to go on walks, swim and go on boat rides, but his favorite activity is chasing the geese and ducks from our seawall with his new sister Roxie! He's sporting his new summer cut and adjusting well. Thanks for selecting us as his new parents. We couldn't be happier.

Remmi aka Roxie

Rocky a.k.a Pepe
I'm bursting with joy!! Our new 3 yr old Pomeranian is an absolute SWEETHEART!! Thank you so very much to Willie and the volunteers at Canine Safe Harbor for taking such good care of Pepe!

Roxi aka Calico
Roxi found her forever home in December 2013! She is a very special, and very loved, little girl! She is shown here with her "brother" and best friend, Smokey.

Things are going great here. Spent a lot of vacation time up-north. 8 camping trips. Roxie slowly maturing, 3 obedience classes completed, playful, loyal, rambunctious, entertaining & a cuddle bug on down time. She's a character, can catch a frisbee when she wants too.

Six mile walks? Twelve mile bike rides? Yes, please! Ruby, furry friend, exercise buddy, lap warmer... perfect. I love this dog, thank you, CSH.

Sadie aka Charmin
She is spoiled to death. I think the dog has more clothes than me. hahaha My mom considers her a "grand doggy" so she has been making sure Sadie is staying warm and dry. She has about 3 sweaters, 1 rain jacket, and 2 coats. She seems to enjoy wearing them. Sadie is still a lover. She loves to always be where you are and she is just super gentle. My parents dachsund and her get along extremely well and are pretty much best buds. They LOVE to play together. Sadie has about 3 beds and tons of toys so she is SPOILED. haha

We adopted Sedona in September 2011 from Canine Safe Harbor. Thank you for rescuing, caring for and finding forever homes for these dogs!

Seldom & Cache aka Opus & Stubby
Seldom & Cache are well adjusted best buddies! Want to let you know that these two in less than 24 hours have become magic Boyz to our home! They have been so amazingly well behaved and in love with their new furever home and masters! Thank you and bless your heart for rescuing these two and many others and providing a great temporary home for them!

Seldom and Cache aka Stubby and Opus
Both Mr. Cache and Mr. Seldom are so good and gentle with kids and people, we know that they were really loved and taken care of at Canine Safe Harbor. We can't thank you all enough for what you do every day, these two dogs have been such a blessing in our lives!

Sir James aka Toby

Sookie aka Donna
Donna is now Sookie and she's doing well. We've all settled into a pretty good routine and all is well.

It'll take us a while to get fully settled, but we'd love to schedule a home visit whenever is convenient for you! Spirit is a wonderful companion, and a very intelligent and affectionate friend. We've only been together a little over a week but he's already become such a huge part of my life I can't image what my world must have been like without him!

Just a note to let you know our first day with Sweetums has been fantastic! She is so good! Hoover really likes her now, we have gone on several walks together and they even play a little now. Our kitty Josie finally came out from under our bed and she is a little nervous, but Sweetums is fine, she is just curious. She listens so well! We can't thank you enough for matching her up with us. We think she is perfect!

Sweety aka Sweetums
We adopted Sweetums last year, we call her Sweety and she is just perfect! We couldn't imagine life without her. She and Hoover, our Beagle, get along great and they snuggle on our bed together. Sweety loves going for golf cart rides and she thinks she is a lap dog! Everyone who meets her says how pretty she is and she is very friendly. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit for our family!

Tango aka Coal
I just wanted to let you know how very grateful we are that you had tango ( coal ) for adoption 2 years ago. He is the best dog ever. He loves everyone and wants to play and just be around people. He really loves little kids. Just wanted to say thanks again.

Thumbaleana aka Fergie
She's doing great:) we named her Thumbaleana, she's very hyper and active. Shes also really smart and has learned lots of tricks!

I adopted Toni almost 2 years ago and I couldn`t have picked a better playmate for my male. They are a perfect match and best buddies! Toni is the smartest, most well behaved dog I have ever had. Her gorgeous Tiger coat is striking to look at and is also how she was named. She is quite the snuggle girl and most of all she definitely is the funniest dog I have ever had!

Introducing- Truman! Truman's accomplishments since coming to Blue Stone Farm (from Canine Safe Harbor) include convincing our cat to tolerate him and learning to sit.

Tundra aka Baby
She insists on going everywhere with us and is a great traveler. She wears a dog seat belt, and has traveled to cheboygon with us. Along with many other camping trips. She still loves to give kisses, snuggle, and carries a stuffed squirrel or a yoda slipper from the boys. We love her so much. She saved us even more! Thank you!

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that Violet is doing great! She has settled right in to the pack and is still as sweet as can be. She has obviously had some training, she is completely housebroken and knows several commands. She's till a cuddle bug, but also enjoys boisterous play with her sister. She also has a new best friend in our grandson! I've attached a picture of them below (he's brushing her). Thank you for all you do for our four legged friends.

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is doing great and even Dingo has grown to love him!

Wyatt a.k.a Reuben
Just wanted you to know that Wyatt is just doing fine, certainly part of our family. Wyatt has to be fed first, he barks constantly until fed. He really enjoys car rides. I have taken him to two walks, he goes gang busters for about 50 feet and then he wants to be carried, I do not mind. I took him today to Annie's baseball game and he really was a hit with one of the players that is wheel chair bound. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him. He is a real blessing.

Zoe aka Holly
Just a quick update on Zoe. She is doing great! I'm not sure who loves her more, Mike or me, but I can assure you, she is treasured. Attached is a picture of Sehdee and Zoe together. We sure are glad we crossed paths with you!! And may God bless you with all your efforts to save these loving creatures.